happykiddo wishlist

  • happykiddo loves Target!
    Happykiddo is a major, major Target fan. Like parents, like daughter. Gift certificates are good. A shopping trip with you!?!? Even better :)
  • Books to buy for happykiddo
    Check out Baby Laird's book wishlist on Amazon.com
  • Clothes at Gymboree
    One of our favorite kiddo clothing stores
  • Coolness at Cocoa Crayon
    Great bibs, blankets, clothes and toys - we love everything here!
  • Natural clothing at Speesees
    Our favorites are the kimonos and yoga pants - great natural products with a fun kiddo twist
  • Food processor
    For making happykiddo's munchies down the road
  • Diapers
    We heard that babies do not arrive potty trained... who knew?!? Bigger sizes are much appreciated - we've got the newborn bum covered :)
  • Canon Camera
    Well-priced throw-in-the-diaper-bag snapshot camera to keep those pics flowing of the kiddo
  • Daddy DJ Diaper Bag
    Cool and hip in black ballistic - who said carrying diapers isn't manly anyway?
  • Leg warmers
    Our hardwood floors will be hard on Ella's knees and legs - get her some colorful leg warmers to keep our girl unscraped and colorful!
  • Sweet cuddlies
    Soft and precious cuddly objects for Ella to hold and/or chew. We are partial to the Ugly Dolls and Foo Foo Bunnies.
  • Chase's Closet kiddo store
    Gift certificates are cool too! Check out this local cool kids shop - Chase's Closet.
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